Create Waves in the Transportation Industry with the TukTuk Clone

Transportation and modes of transportation, on a whole, are witnessing a revolutionary change today especially thanks to the presence of a large number of ride-hailing and ride-sharing solutions present on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Especially after the inception of Uber in 2009, the ride-sharing industry on a whole witnessed an overall revolution in the way they delivered rides to the riders and the riders also witnessed a new way to enjoy their rides.
Let us observe how.

How Ride-Hailing Apps Transformed Ride Experience of Riders

The traditional methods of ride-hailing and ride-sharing mostly involved the rider waiting for a very long duration of time in order to avail of a ride and go from location A to location B which in turn led them to lose out on a lot of time and sometimes miss out on events like an important meeting so as to say.

This led to the ride sharing industry realizing that quick services alone can lead to more customers and bring more profits and thereafter led to the creation of ride-hailing apps that went on to revolutionize the ride experience of riders all over the world.

All that the rider needs to do is add their location which in turn gets them connected to drivers nearest to them. They now need to simply choose the ride type and book the ride. As soon as they perform this step, the driver would reach their destination and drop them off.

However, a sad fact of this service is that not many can actually afford rides through this app. This, in fact, has led to the incorporation of solutions such as the tuktuk services that are also reputed and hailed as being cost-effective ride solutions.

So, let us now know a little in detail about these services so as to understand the reason for its popularity among budding entrepreneurs who are adopting the tuktuk clone for their ride-share and ride-hailing industry so as to provide cost-effective and cost-friendly ride services to the riders and make immense profits and revenues along the way.

TukTuk – About

The tuktuk services are a popular mode of transport especially in the South-East Asian part of the world.
These ride-types are usually in three-wheeler types where a driver rides in front and people sit at the back.
So, now the question that is worth asking is, in which parts of South-East Asia would you usually find people commuting to and fro through a tuk-tuk?

Well, the answer to this question is that in places like Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Philippines, etc. you may be able to find people commuting through these ride types.

So, the next question that one may feel curious to ask is that why these ride types are gaining popularity in South-East Asia after all? To answer this question, we have listed the reasons below that will help you understand this better.

Reasons for Popularity of TukTuk in South-East Asia

Since the cost-of-living is extremely high in South-East Asia first and foremost and travel by other ride types like taxi put a considerable weight on the pockets of the riders makes tuktuks so popular especially among riders living in South-East Asia.

This major reason has motivated budding entrepreneurs to adopt solutions such as the tuktuk clone for their ride-hailing and ride-sharing industry.

However, before we go on to explain the unique stand-out features of this solution let us understand the reasons for its popularity among the budding entrepreneurs in particular.

Reasons for Popularity of TukTuk amongst Entrepreneurs

1. Can be accessed by all strata and sections of society, irrespective of whether they may be rich or poor
2. Curbs traffic congestions revolutionarily by ensuring that these rides can be covered through all areas and can help the rider at large in reaching their desired location in the shortest duration of time
3. Ensures comfort to the rider and makes it a convenient way to travel from one location to another
4. Acts as a cost-friendly solution to the riders by providing them rides that are available at the most affordable prices that never go up or down in case of peak hours.

All these reasons have gone on to motivate budding entrepreneurs to adopt solutions such as the tuktuk clone for their ride-hailing and ride-sharing industry so as to provide cost-effective ride services to the riders.
The solution contains very unique attributes that make it adoptable after all b the ride share industry.
Some of these attributes have been explained below in detail.

Unique Attributes of the TukTuk Clone Wallet

With the assistance of this feature, customers can smoothly pay for the tuktuk rides without the worry of falling short of cash at any time.

Real-Time Location Tracking: Using this feature, the rider and the tuk-tuk driver can track the location and know the exact whereabouts of each other.

Geomapping: Using this feature, the driver can ensure their safety and the ride-share industry, in particular, can prevent the tuk-tuk drivers from taking rides in areas that are unsafe after dark or may be prone to criminal activities.

Ride by Gender: With the assistance of this feature, women can choose to be in a tuk-tuk ride that is being driven by women drivers thus ensuring the 100% comfort of their riders at all times.

Favourite Drivers: The feature shall assist the riders to ride in the same tuk-tuk that they may have taken a ride on in the past. All that they need to do is, at the end of the ride, they need to tap on driver and choose them as favourite and then next time they book a ride, tap on favourite driver. As soon as they do so, they would be able to avail of ride from the same rider.

So, concluding, it but becomes clear, that with the help and assistance of solutions like the tuktuk clone, the ride-share industry can make immense strides in the world of ride-share on a whole and make enormous revenues and deliver cost effective rides to the riders along the way and earn the goodwill of their tuk-tuk drivers as well at the same time.

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