With so perfect a coastline its no surprise that the Portuguese are avid fishermen.With so rich a sea around both the Algarve and West coasts its no wonder that coarse fishing is largely ignored.

But the lakes within easy reach of the Algarve are brimming with fish and require only a cheap, easily available licence. Wether you are an ardent angler or just enjoy an hour with your kid its worth bringing a rod to the Algarve.

For the Pot
Portuguese fishermen like to have their cake and eat it. Sea fishing not only offers an enjoyable sport but also the chance to take a catch for the pot.

Favoured style is off the cliffs or rocks fishing beneath a float to keep the tackle away from underlying rocks and snags. On offer can be a wide range of fish from the familiar mackerel and garfish to the tropical moon fish.

Favourite catch is the seasonal sargo taken on worm at between half and one and a half kilos. Exceptionally good eating and anywhere between easy and impossible to hook

Off the Pier
If pier fishing is what you are hooked on then Sagres harbour is a great location. Lamp fishing at night can yield amazing action over schools of feeding mackerel. Favourite bait is another bit of mackerel or some of their cousin the sardine.

There are large shoals of mullet in and around the harbour and a big one fights well.
There is a special kind of lure for jigging the choco (squid) and hook a big one for entry into a sustained tug of war. When hes finally on the dock he’ll squirt a bit of ink about before you get him in the bucket

Off the Beach
Winter leaves the beach clear of tourists for the sea bass fishing season. Favoured technique is a small plastic sand eel towed beneath a wooden float. When the bass takes the bait he’ll head up and down the beach before you get him ashore. They can come big, but the usual is around a pound.

Barragem Bass
The dry climate of Southern Potugal means that even the largest rivers may dry out in summer above their tidal stretches. Just because the climate is so dry large barragems (dams) have been built to provide irrigation and drinking water.

Although water levels rise and fall these huge flooded valleys remain permanent waters and the fish gro large. The barragem bass are truely impressive and for density of fish unlikely to be equalled by any venue in the UK. A simple licence is necessary. See the tackle shops.