Learning Portuguese is not so hard when you know the secret. Our English language is made up of words from many different countries. There are Germanic words and Scandinavian words that came with the Vikings, but 60% of our language came from Latin

Portuguese words mainly come from Latin, the same as Spanish, . French and Italian. So heres the secret: find the English words that share the same Latin origin with Portuguese and you have learning by association. Its more like extending your English than learning a new language.

Words ending in tion in English usually end in căo (s ow) in Portuguese.

Promotion Promocăo
Attention Atencăo

You have just learnt a lot of Portuguese words.

Of course the link between the languages happened a long time ago so sometimes it helps to know a bit about the past.

Escritorio is Portuguese for an office and is the place where things are scripted.
To write is escreve
And a slave is an escrave
You see in the ancient world writing was usually done by slaves, who maybe scribbled.

In Portugal you don’t ask for the toilet but for the bathroom. Even in restauarants where there won’t be a bath. Bathrooms used to be seperate buildings outside so the Portuguese say House of the Bath.. Casa de Banho our slang Kazi

Whilst in the house lets go to the kitchen. The English word comes from the German Kuchen and seems to bear no relation to the Portuguese Cozinha. But in olden days the only warm place in the house was the kitchen and it was cosy.

The house has walls which are paredes. When the soldiers stand in lines like walls they are on parade. Outside walls which surround the land are called muros which may be decorated with murals.

A steak is a bife
A pig is a porco

By now you are hopefully getting the hang of this better than many of the foreigners who live in the Algarve. They are estrangeiros who may be strangers. The resident Brits are notorious for not bothering to learn the language.
Hang .. pendura .. pendulum

After a while you lose sight of where one languages ends and the other starts
End .. Fim .. Finish
Start .. Commencer .. Commence
Lose .. Perder . Perdition (to be lost to damnation)

With these few words you are not going to be able to talk .. converser ..converse with a Portuguese but you may have found the fun in learning a new language without the need to go to school.. escola.. scholar