If you are looking for an property investment in Portugal you have surely thought about the Algarve. The Algarve is located in the south of Portugal and it is known for its beatifull beaches, hospitable people, great weather, top golf courses and much more.

The Central Algarve is the most visited of all the parts of this region, it is located between the two largest cities in the region, Faro and Portimão, and has kilometers of beaches and lots of activities to for tourists and residents. If you are looking for property for sale in Portugal there are many good real estate agents and agencies.

The climate is great, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, with a hot Summer, and a moderate temperature Spring and Autumn making it the perfect destination for golfers and suitable for all outdoor activities. The winter is cool and wet, and it is the prefered Winter spot for people from colder countries in Northern Europe.

The Central Algarve stretches from the west of Faro to the east of Portimão, near Lagoa. The area is about 50 kilometers wide, so everything within close range, and the rest of the Algarve is easy to reach as well. This section of the Algarve, which is a great property investment zone, is well known for its resorts, and the towns of Albufeira, Sesmarias, Vilamoura and Quarteira are a few of the more popular seaside resorts for foreigners.

This is the area of the Algarve with the best golf courses and resorts, so if you are a golfer you will have a lot of courses to choose from and be at a central location to explore the rest of the Algarve. In Loulé and Lagoa you can find the best places to do a property investment in Portugal.

The best property investments in Portugal are located in the Central Algarve, as in most of the entire region, is focused along the coastal areas. There are many new developments and resorts, and you can find a wide variety of housing and property for sale.

Golf is very popular in this part of the Algarve, so if you want to find a golf resort development or property investment, this is a great place to look. Property around Lagoa in the western end of this area is quite popular, and you can find some of the nicest and most exclusive places around this town.

Albufeira is a popular seaside town with lots of local properties and several resorts as well, making it interesting for property investment in Portugal. There are more property investment areas near the coast, like Sermarias, Carvoeiro and Quarteira.

If you go a little bit inland you can find the towns of Loulé and Almancil, both of which are near Faro and very convenient to get to from the airport. Prices for housing in this region can be reasonable for smaller apartments, and can reach in the millions of euros for large villas.

The Algarve is a great place for property investment in Portugal because you can get here easy and without much costs. The best way is to fly to Faro Airport (FAO) which is located 7 kilometers west of the city of Faro in the southeast part of the Algarve. It is one of the most popular airports for discount carriers, offering quick and reasonably priced service to most major European and UK cities.

There are many airlines flying to Faro, including low cost airlines.Just a few of the airlines that fly to Faro include Aer Lingus, British Airways, Atlantic Airways, easyJet, Flybe, Jet2.com, Ryanair and Thomsonfly. It is possible to fly from almost any major airport in the UK direct to Faro.

There are many more flights during the warmer parts of the year, but this airport is becoming popular for business travelers so it has a good number of flights that operate year round. As you can see the Algarve is a great place to do a property investment in Portugal, we hope to see you here!