Tenerife Weather

Have you been wondering about visiting Tenerife, but want to know more about Tenerife weather first? Here’s everything you need to know, for even more info visit this recommended Tenerife weather guide. Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands of Spain. The weather is pretty consistent in Tenerife with pleasant days that are enjoyably warm most of the year. However, there are some variations in some regions that are noticeable. Indeed, the weather of Tenerife is truly attractive for most of the year.

Thus, the best time for you to go to Tenerife will be based on the kind of climate and temperature that you most prefer. In the southern region of Tenerife, the region is pretty much cloudless. It experiences a climate that is dry and hot. The temperature is highly conducive to water sports and swimming. If you travel to the northern part in the summer, you will experience a bit more coolness, but the temperature will still be delightful.

The most prevalent amount of rain comes during the months of November, December, January and February. However, you will still experience about six hours of sunshine each day during the rainy season, which still makes it worth your while to visit Tenerife during those months if that is the only time that you can get away. During this time, the temperature is usually above 21 degrees Celsius, which is pretty nice for that time of year. August is noted as being the preferred time that the majority of tourists decide to visit Tenerife.

It is noted that a Calima can occur at any time during any month of the year in the region of Tenerife. This is due to the originating of a wind that is dusty and hot hailing from the Sahara Desert. There will be a deterioration of visibility and there will be a dramatic increase in the temperatures. Also, all objects outside will become covered with a thin layer of dust. Such conditions are noted as enduring for two to four days.

Even though January is categorized as experiencing the weather that is the wettest and coldest in regard to Tenerife, this is a yet a viable time to decide to come to Tenerife if you desire to seek sunny weather during the winter. The temperatures are not as cold as winters in other parts of the world, as the temperature reaches as much as 21.1 degrees Celsius. This means the island is not covered in a heap of snow like in other parts of the world during wintertime in the month of January.

However, parts of the island that are more elevated will have temperatures that dip down to single digits and you will see a bit of snow capping Mount Teide sometimes. If you are intent on coming to Tenerife during this coldest part of the winter and yet long for some warmer temperatures, then you will enjoy spending most of your time in the southern region of the island, as it is usually warmer than the north at all times of the year. Even though the month of January is cloudy, you will enjoy up to six hours of sunshine each day of your visit. You can even enjoy the beach in the winter due to the temperature being 20 degrees Celsius. Despite there being some bursts of rain in the winter, there are yet an abundance of days that are sunny, dry and warm.

As February approaches, temperatures can become as high as 21.4 degrees Celsius. Southern locations will be warmer. This is a cloudy month. Yet, you will be able to enjoy at least six hours of sunshine each day. Most days are warm and dry, though there will be some short bouts of rain. Then with the arrival of March, the temperatures will become warmer yet again with an average reaching up to 22.3 degrees Celsius. But there can be some differences depending where you are staying on the island, with the reality that the south will be warmer. You will get up to seven hours of sunshine and the region is less cloudy in comparison to February. You can enjoy swimming in the sea at this time of year.

April ushers out the winter months and welcomes nicer weather as spring arrives. Thus, the spring and summer months from April through to October are wonderful months for the best temperatures of the island with few showers. You can explore the island, enjoy the beaches, meet the locals and delight in many leisurely activities. Tenerife is indeed a wonderful place to visit any time of the year.