Algarve Digital is a premier destination guide for the Algarve region in South Portugal. We cover everything Algarve including the different towns, beaches, hotels, golf courses and everything in-between. We are now looking for experienced writers to enrich our site even more with their unique perspectives and travel related guest posts. If you have a passion for travel and want to be featured on our site, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! If you consider writing a guest post for us, you must stick to the following guidelines:

Guest Post Guidelines

  • We are looking for only original articles, no repurposed, copied or spun content. We will check all articles for uniqueness, and if it doesn’t pass, we will deny publishing your guest post.
  • If your post already appeared on your own blog or anywhere else on the internet, it doesn’t count as unique, and will be considered copied.
  • The guest posts must be of high quality, free of spelling and grammatical errors. Ideally, your article should bring something unique to the table, so it’s best to write about your own experiences.
  • Your guest post should be at least 700 words long, but don’t include fluff just to make it longer. Every pharagraph should give some kind of new information or perspective.
  • Ideally, you should include at least 3 photos with your article that are copyright free. We can help you get royalty free images if that is a problem.
  • These 3 images should be at least 700px wide, relevant and good quality. We also ask you to provide a main header image for your guest post, which should be 1200px wide. (Again, this is not obligatory, we can also add an image for you.)
  • You can also ask us to embed youtube videos to go along with your travel guest post if you feel that would be a good addition. These can either be yours or someone else’s.
  • Your article should be relevant to our site, which is a Portugal-based destination guide. This means that it should be about Portugal or travel, but ideally both at the same time.
  • We do accept guest posts from companies, and not only from individual travel bloggers. The main thing is that your contribution should be relevant and of high quality.

How to Submit a Guest Post

If you think you could contribute your writing and you already have a good angle or topic, send us an email with your planned title in mind. Then we can decide in advance whether we would accept your guest post even before you wrote it. (Of course it still has to adhere to the gudelines when it’s finished.) If you get stuck or need ideas, we can even help you in writing your post. If you need help writing a newsletter instead, we can recommend this newsletter writing service.

Our email is info (at) Write in the subject line: Guest post request.

Are you ready to submit your first post and get featured on Algarve Digital? Then don’t hesitate, and write us an email! Please note that we get a lot of requests, but we’ll get back to you in 48 hours.