A resort which retains the charm and character of a Portuguese village and yet offers outstanding facilities and comfortable modern accommodation.

Behind the beach narrow streets of white painted houses wander back to the village centre. The old and the new intimately blend together and invite you to feel at home in this relaxed place

The charm of this village resort lies in the care that has been taken to blend the modern resort into the character of the old fishing village. A large part of the village is taken up with the cottages and town houses of The Ocean Club. This is one of the Algarve’s premier resorts and a great place for young and old alike.

Praia da Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Luz: Thankfully the original name has been shortened which meant the beach of the church of our lady of the light. Praia da Luz was a fishing village and a long wall of net was stretched from the rocks in front of the Fortaleza to trap the Tuna.

The great fish were brought ashore at the slipway along the beach. Today the migratory routes of the fish lie far out to sea and what fishermen remain find it easier to work from the harbour at nearby Lagos.

Luz is renowned for its safe sandy beach which forms the centre attraction for many holidaymakers.
Feeling more energetic; there are water sports centres where wind surfers and sail boats can be hired.

Tuition in water ski and diving are available from the beach. Beside the cliff known as the Rocha Negra an underwater reef produces a break which is well rated by local surfers.

Praia da Luz is in the Western Algarve, an area of unspoilt villages and open countryside.

The historic town of Lagos is only four miles away and there are regular buses and taxi services between the village and town.

A hire car is a great way to explore the local area and can be cheaper than relying on taxis transfers to and from the airport.

The village restaurants cater to a wide range of tastes and budgets: Portuguese, English, Indian or Pizza. The nightly promenade to choose a menu is almost as much a part of the evening as the meal itself.

Self catering is increasingly popular and offers a chance to make the budget go a little further. Best value comes from trying the local produce rather than the brands you buy at home. Portuguese farm produce may not have the packaging and appearance of factory food, but the taste is incomparable.

Portuguese bread is still cooked in a traditional wood fired oven. The bread of each bakery has its own taste and texture. The traditional breakfast bread is the fresh white rolls known as papa seco.

Praia da Luz has five supermarkets, a butchers (first floor of the commercial centre) and a bakers. Fresh fish and some vegetables are sold in the mornings in the commercial centre market and at prices you will find hard to believe.

Nearby Lagos has large international supermarkets where a wider range of goods can be purchased.

Whether you eat at home or at a restaurant there is no better way to finish a day than a stroll along the sea front. Beneath a warm starlit sky with the waves lapping nearby, this is one of those perfect moments of which memories are made.

For the sporting enthusiast Praia da Luz can be a great holiday location. Mention sport in the Algarve and its golf which springs first to mind. Luz is only 10 minutes drive from the breathtaking Parque da Floresta course with its demanding mountain terrain.

Only a little further away along the golden sands from Lagos marina is the Palmares course. Unique for its blend of character which rises from links beside the dunes to woodland on the hilltop.

The charm of the Praia da Luz area has won the hearts of many of its visitors who have chosen to make this their permanent holiday destination. Some of the finest of these private holiday homes are available to rent for a “villa” holiday.

Whilst the club life around the pool appeals to many there is a certain style about renting a villa with its own pool. When compared to the cost of package holidays for a family renting a villa can be surprisingly affordable.

A great part of the charm of Praia da Luz is that it is still a village. No matter where you stay in Luz you will only be a short walk from the open countryside.

Spring and early summer are a special time in the Algarve for those who love nature or walking. The fields are ablaze with wild flowers and the rich colours of semi tropical flowers drape themselves from garden walls.

One of the favourite walks from Luz is to climb the hill behind the beach and Rocha Negra to the “monument”. The village seems to spread out beneath your feet and the sunbathers on the beach are like distant ants. The view is fantastic and that explains why this “monument” is actually a survey point from which maps are made.

The Fortaleza at Luz is a prominent landmark standing on the rocks beside the beach. Back in history Portugal was a rich country constantly threatened by her larger neighbour Spain.

To defend the land nearly every beach where an enemy could land was gaurded by a fort. The Fortaleza is typical of these coastal batteries which were once crowned with cannons.

The house which now perches where cannons once waited the sight of Spanish ships is more modern. Today the old quarters of the fort house one of the villages most classy restaurants.

The character of Praia da Luz is perhaps best defined by the people who come here. This is a family resort, with the right mix of things to do to cater from the toddlers to the teens and mum and dad.

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