Waves of life – A documentary about women in surfing

Thanks to the greater power and ability in many fields, women surfing is growing fast. Female surfer are fighting for their dreams and see more and more results of equality. One example is the equal payment in surf contests since 2019. It is important to have strong and authentic women with perseverance for women to identify with. The documentary is about strong female portraits as role models in a growing market. Together with a professional crew, we will create content of high quality pictures and impactful stories. From November to January 2020 I will shoot the documentary in Algarve, Ericeira and Peniche. Then I will move on to Morocco and Sri Lanka.

Added value?

The increasing numbers are inspiring and speaking for itself, so many more women surfing at a higher and higher level every day. That high number of female surfers is also the proof of the surf industry. As women spend more money in surf gear, they are very important customers for the surf industry. Many of the consumers embody their path of increasing awareness of environmental protection sharing this value with your company. Nowadays, the image gets more and more important. Consecuently, the image of strong and authentic female surfers, who stand up for environmental protection goes hand in hand with the philosophy of a powerful and authentic brands. Beyond that, the documentary will be screened on international (Surf-) Filmfestivals, such as Save The Waves and International Surf Film Festival Ericeira, International Ocean Film Tours, Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival, Sun Valley Film Festival, digital tv and many more.

About the project

In addition to the question of the motivation to dedicate a life to surfing and indulge in the anarchic forces of nature, the documentary provides time for deeper insights into this passion and, above all, shows an authentic picture of the surfer far from her stereotype.

Twelve five-minute portraits of international surfers and short features for social media demonstrate their waves of life in a very personal way. The stories open the doors to their personality and show what is hiding behind their sunshine façade. They are professional athletes and amateurs, stand for diversity, environmental activism, independence and risk-taking. Diversity plays a key role here – in terms of age, social background, religion as well as different backgrounds and professions. One thing unites them: surfing as a motivation to live and to protect the place they love, namely the sea.

o Chase | surfing: chasing the waves, exploring, facing the fear, challenge

o Active | get creative: Visualization of environmental protection& nautical topics

o Nature | being: the human being in nature, beauty of nature, vision, water

What is my intention with the film?

I want to build a mosaic of female surfers who inspire. Whether as a feminist, environmental activist, artist, professional or free surfer, they will create a picture of women who motivate for more self-confidence and do what is important to them: gender equality, environmental protection and creativity.
The documentary intends to stimulate dreams and depict the surflifestyle from a female perspective in an authentic way. It encourages everyone, whether surfer or not, to leave everyday life behind and inviting them to experience boundlessness, courage and adventure. My primary intention is to motivate the audience to become active themselves and to practice a more environmentally friendly and conscious way of life. As a result, the surf lifestyle is no longer reduced to sport, but viewed in the overall social context.

About me – Annika von Schütz

As a filmmaker of the documentary film “Set up to sell – Surfing as a lifestyle product” (2018), it keeps me driving to the European Atlantic coast. I work as a curator at surf film festivals, art exhibitions and organize workshops on sustainability and plastic pollution in the sea. At the moment I am being sponsored as a resident artist at LAC, Laboratório Actividades Criativas, in Lagos, Portugal. Thanks to a great network to the international surf scene, I am worldwide in contact with very interesting surfers, surf journalists and environmental activists. In the documentary I want to invite women from all backgrounds to share their experiences and to discuss the power of sports to impact lifes!

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